Toward the end of a long hike, my destination was a well-worn dirt road. As I looked down the bank of dry dirt and loose stones leading to that road, I had two choices. I could take small, careful steps ... resisting the hill’s invitation for my feet to slip out from under me. Or, I could commit to the movement. Lean forward and jog down the slope. Embrace the spirit of the decline and move sure-footed until I reached the gentle swale and the flat road.

I chose the second option and was soon standing on the road having traversed the rocky terrain safely. My hiking companion chose the other way ... his feet nearly slipping with every step. Each movement risking collapse.

The point here is not about how to navigate a hill. Rather, that there are times when “slow and steady” is not the safest route. That sometimes, running confidently is the less risky option. That leaping might seem scary at first, but it might be just what’s called for.