Taking action

There comes a time when, “Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this?” must transition to, “Why am I not doing anything about this?”

And once we ourselves take action, the conversation can turn to, “What are we doing?” and, “What else should we be doing?”

When we take these steps, we move beyond a victim mindset and into a place of empowerment and possibility.


Sometimes we like to flip to the end of the book to see what happens.

Or we fast forward to the end of a show. Maybe we skip ahead in a series.

All perfectly fine to do.

But let’s not make the mistake of carrying that into our lives ... of trying to rush to the next chapter.

The chapter you’re in right now? It’s important. Give it its due.

Your excuse

What’s your excuse? We all have them.

  • It’s too hard.

  • I don’t have the money.

  • I don’t have the time.

  • I don’t have the expertise.

  • There’s a technical problem.

  • The logistics are too complicated.

  • They won’t let me.

  • It’s too risky.

Whatever the excuse is, ask yourself, “Is this really true? And if so, is there no way around it?”

The biggest challenge is not the roadblock. The biggest challenge is being honest with ourselves about what’s truly holding us back.

Unread messages

We spend a lot of time checking email, voicemail, social media, mailboxes, and all sorts of other things.

We don’t spend nearly as much time checking ourselves.

Sure, we look in the mirror. But how often do we do a self check-in?

How do I feel, right now? What is my body telling me? What is my mind telling me? What are my emotions telling me?

If we’re not doing this regularly, who knows ... we might have quite a few unread messages.


You can start again without burning everything to the ground.

You can begin once more without destroying what exists today.

You can build from here without razing anything except your own hesitation.

If it’s time to reboot something in your life ... then flip the switch and go for it.


So many times, we seek to change our circumstances ... to change what’s happening around us ... to change the system.

These are good struggles and we shouldn’t stop.

But it’s important to remember that we are part of the equation, and sometimes, the best thing to do is to change ourselves.

Doing something

It’s much easier to be the person asking, “Why don’t they do something to fix it?” than it is to be the person whose job it would be to do the fixing.

The world isn’t lacking people who shake their heads and ask, “Why is this happening?”

The world is lacking people who are willing to work through the difficult challenge of, “What do we do now?”